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April 2005

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I'm in fellas! I believe we should take advantage of this opportunity and fly far! Utah is always reachable... Going South is not
Costa Rico has it all...rafting hiking, biking(and for Wally, EXOTIC!)...
Sounds WILD!

Walter J

Would love to go to Costa Rica or Moab... Alot depends on the homestead situation as some of you well know. We are somewhat in limbo at this point and are thinking of putting the home addition off till spring, and instead bringing the kids out west.If however, we decide to proceed with the addition now, I'm out Jerry! All of my "if's" should be cleared up very soon.


pat, we be a bit older, but if u r coming I'm sure we could recreate :-)

Wally, will have to leave the bathrobe behind, or be ready to perform for the locals.


i'm game for anything ! And if the miles need to be used, let's go South! Our wives have booked their trip in Oct. so any dates outside of that are good! And don't they arrest guys who wear bath robes south of the border?

Pat Morgan

Will this turn into another trip like Bass Lake?

Pat Morgan

Will this turn into another trip like Bass Lake?

tommy nono

If we go to South America does Walter J. have room in his bag for the blender?

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