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April 2005

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I say get the old goon squad pictures out of the good ole football days and
see if we can raise money for uniform
good look at us (Sunday morn after a good night out) and parents will be willing to help!!!
All proceeds go to ???? of our parties at Pat/Ricky/Joe's apartment and say, "Does this remind you of your kids? if it does, please give to our cause so
your kids have hope" We don't want your kids to grow up like these lost souls!!" "Get them out of the box" Or do we???

Lexington Green

I say, raise some money to put out a contract on the rabbit. Then, I'll eat it.

BTW thanks for linking to ChicagoBoyz.

Brendan McTague

There are tons of these out there ..

This lady got 20k in debt paid off and started the Yahoo E_Panhandling community.

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